Shared Services Pricing


Costing and Pricing of Services / Funding Models

With more common and shared services, the need to have innovative funding and pricing models is increasingly important. A fundamental challenge with costing and pricing aspects of shared services is that it involves using common infrastructure (e.g., technology, support personnel) to provide a range of services to a range of customers or service consumers. Common infrastructure usually requires larger scale, fixed cost investment, which needs to be recovered over an extended period of time.



Shared Services


The New Era of Shared Services

Ongoing requirements to improve service delivery, while at the same time trying to manage overall budgets that never seem to have enough money to cover all requests for government services, are forcing governments to re-examine their service delivery models. The Canadian Federal Government is no exception, and in its case, it has been putting renewed focus on shared service delivery models. These models provide opportunity and need to be carefully examined in terms of the best approach for their applicability, from both the service provider as well as the end-users’ or clients’ perspectives.


Shared Services and IT


Shared Services from an IT Perspective

Shared services are being talked about a lot lately in the Canadian Federal Government, and to some extent most of the conversations revolve around Information Technology (IT). With that being said, it is sometimes difficult to clearly understand what shared services means, the ramifications of shared services initiatives, and how they might impact the consulting community.


Knowledge Management

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Without the 'Top', There is No Knowledge Management...

Knowledge management (KM) is a term that is often used, and means several things to different people. In its simplest form, knowledge management is about having the capability for getting the "right" information to the "right" people on a timely basis. The trick is being able to properly define all the nouns in that statement. Asking what information, to whom, and when, is the key to unlocking KM. In real organizations, this is no simple matter. In addition, considering how to deploy this information, and why is also of importance.


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