Human Resources and Organization Design Services

In the next few years, most public sector organizations will be rethinking organization

delivery models both in the front-office and in the back-office. This will be driven both by financial pressures
such deficit reduction, workforce adjustment and by standardization of business
processes and technologies. In all cases, organizations will be rethinking the Human Resources (HR) processes and
the organization design they have in place.

Being nimble and proactive in the HR space will give organizations the advantage they
need to meet the pressures they face and deliver their mandates effectively.

Our Human Resources and Organization Design Services are designed to help organizations
achieve their objectives, and our consultants can help you to design solutions
that blend human resources business processes with sound information technology
capabilities that comply with OCHRO common human resource business processes

Our team of consultants has worked with organizations, helping them to:

  • Understand PeopleSoft and how to get the most out of investments in HR technology both functionally and
  • Review current human resources business processes and assess whether they are in line with the CHRBP.
  • Assist with recruitment and selection processes.
  • Develop training and development programs.
  • Develop activity based costing models to help determine if overhead resources are appropriate, and
    supportive of front-office and back-office business lines.
  • Assist with organizational needs assessment and strategic planning to ensure development and
    deployment of people to meet business objectives and goals.
    Design pragmatic business processes that reduce turnaround times in human resources business,
    bringing resources to business areas more quickly and effectively.

Our firm can provide a range of complementary human resources services. Our team
includes human resources professionals with years of experience working the HR
business specific to the Government of Canada.

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