Process Transformation

Process Transformation Services

Process Transformation involves the redesign of business processes to enable efficiencies, support systems implementation, provide resource leveling, or all three. It is a key step in all organizational change initiatives, and requires a broad consideration of policy, operational requirements, information and technology needs and organizational roles.

Business process maps are a useful tool for analyzing business processes, and often represent the starting point for process transformation. Good process maps and the related analysis generate a comprehensive model of the organization:

  • Roles: who performs what Activities, in enough detail to be meaningful.
  • Decision points: with both the “yes” and “no” flows from the decision.
  • System points: to show where and how people interact with systems.
  • Control points: parts of the process that must be included from a legislative, financial management, or risk mitigation perspective.


Process models also provide a mechanism to identify and analyze opportunities for improvement, and to effectively communicate changes and train staff. If properly structured, business process maps and models can effectively bridge the gap between business and technology interests, and provide a forum for identifying pragmatic and effective technology solutions.

In the haste to jump to process and technology solutions, information management and performance management objectives are often overlooked. Confluence believes in building measurement and information development into transformed processes. Our consultants are experienced in developing a balanced performance management approaches and systems. We can help you determine what measures you need, where you can feasibly gather the information, and how to report it to your stakeholders.

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