Information Technology

Information Technology Services

At Confluence, our methodologies and approaches are based on an integrated view of the enterprise, including process, technology, people and strategy. We understand that technology is a business enabler, not something that exists in its own right, and therefore our IT Services approach is based on examining technology requirements from a business view point.

Our IM/IT strategy approach begins with a solid understanding of the business strategy, organization, governance, and business processes. This information, along with an understanding of an organization’s current technology architecture and application suites, will allow us to provide sound advice regarding the “art of the possible” for enabling technologies for your organization.

Confluence Consulting has the capability to support an organization from the original concept through to business strategy, to procurement and IT development and implementation. We can help organizations develop requirements based on lines of business, incorporating industry best practices and benchmarks. We can help develop sound business and technical requirements to support the entire IT life cycle, and supplement this with solid project management expertise. And, because we are independent and not affiliated with any specific technology products or companies, our recommendations are impartial.



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