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Why Use Consultants?

Management consulting is about professionals providing management with analysis, expertise, and advice regarding issues that organizations face. There are several kinds of "consulting" each with its own specialty. Many consulting firms, like Confluence, offer a range of consulting services. These services can be combined and tailored to build methodologies specific to a particular client problem or situation.

The Best Reasons to Hire a Consulting Company

There are several good reasons to hire a consulting firm such as Confluence Management Consulting Group Inc. to help you with your organization's transformation initiative. Here are a few:

Knowing What It Takes To Succeed:   The consultants have succeeded with this type of change before.

Access to Specialists and Skills:  Consultants have access to specialists that you only need for a short time. Consulting companies can bring specialized skills together.

Tools and Methods:  Consultants have innovative tools and methods that will save you time, effort, and money. This is related to the fact that the consultants will have done this type of project before. Hiring a good consulting company is like hiring the "lessons learned" from every one of the projects they worked on before yours.

Objective View:  Consultants bring objectivity to situations about which your employees may be too passionate. People tend to become extremely emotionally involved and perhaps a little "entrenched" in a position during periods of change. An outside view can relieve some of the pressure and can help facilitate an organization's progress to the "answer".

In general, hire a consultant when you have a problem to solve and the answer is not readily apparent.

Bad Reasons to Hire a Consulting Company

Replacing Full-time Staff:  When deciding to hire a consultant, keep in mind that is it usually not good value for money to hire a consultant to do the job of a full-time staff member. It sometimes happens that due to budget constraints or resource availability, that a full-time worker is not available. In general, a temporary help agency is a better source of contract workers than are consulting firms. Consultants usually have higher rates than contract workers and they have less operational experience.

She Used to Work Here:  Prior experience with an organization can help a consultant "ramp-up" quickly on an engagement, but that is a nice-to-have, not a reason to hire them. You need to make sure that they have true "consulting" experience, working with clients that had similar issues to the ones you are trying to solve. Without this experience, what are they offering that your current staff cannot?

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